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Profil L inside 40x40 Al

Ord. number: 6600007768

Unit of measure: m

Material: EN AW 6060

Finish: without

Weight: 0,45 kg

Length: 7 500 mm

Width: 40 mm

Height: 40 mm

Price excluding VAT: 115,60 CZK
Price including VAT: 139,88 CZK
VAT is added only for deliveries to Czech Republic.
On stock: Ano
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Profil L inside 40x40 Al


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1. Outside profile L80x80, anodized
Ord. number: 6612007752
Outside profile L80x80, anodized Detail

2. Profil L inside 40x40 Al
Ord. number: 6600007768
Profil L inside 40x40 Al Detail

3. Profil L 26x15,3mm, anodized
Ord. number: 66L2011791
Profil L 26x15,3mm, anodized Detail



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