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30. 01. 2019
ALU - SV CZ changes in the Business Register

Dear business partners,

We would like to thank you for cooperation and are looking forward to working with you in future.With intention to streamline our communication and make it easier for our partners we would like to communicate following changes.

Therefore as of 29. 1. 2019 official name and address of our headquarter located in Prague, the Czech Republic changes accordingly:

New official name: ALU-SV CZ, s.r.o.

New official address: Průmyslová 1445/2, 102 00 Praha 10

No changes are made to our VAT and registration number as continuation of our business is maintained.

ID number (IČO) 49678477
VAT (DIČ) CZ49678477

Our official address now also corresponds with our physical address. Please use these new name and address in all business correspondence. These information are also posted in online register of companies in the Czech Republic.

Thank you for understanding.

Best Regards,



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