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Cookies Policy

What are cookies?
Cookies are in fact text file stored in computer temporary memory, which is automatically removed after preset time. It is unique id number of your visit to our site.

Why do I need cookies?
Stored code serves the purpose of identifying user when visiting next page or during new visit of our pages for example the following da. It is possible to save user setting in the cookie file (e.g. Font size or color, language, searched products, login, enhanced shopping basket).

How do cookies help us?
It enables us to be more effective in choosing right content of our pages and to know better our customer needs.

Where can I change settings of cookies?
You can define which cookies you want to use and which you would like to delete in each browser. Some of browsers are set by default to not use cookies even though some webpages might not function correctly. Usually these settings are in: Preferences or Settings tab, then in Cookies or Privacy sub tab. Official guide how to set your cookies can be found in manual provided for your web browser.

Most used web browsers and theirs manuals can be found here:


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Privacy and cookies policies

Dear users, Our website www.alu-sv.com uses cookies to ensure comfort and good usability. Cookies enables you to fully use our e-shop and personalized functions on our website. By using our site without changing your cookies settings you are giving us your consent to use them to give you the best experience with our website. If you would like to learn more please visit our cookies policies