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06. 12. 2015
Aluminum rear portal AL/ECO

We would like to offer lighter version of rear portal AL/ECO

The blue marked holes are needed in the case of mounting onto guide profiles Slimliner. Standard with aluminum portals, manufactured and supplied without holes.

Part No. Name
62PLE02561 Portal AL/ECO 2550mm Sesam S

Part No. Name
62PLE02558 Portal AL/ECO 2550mm Sesam L+M

Part No. Name
6612008090 External profile L140x80, anodized

Part No. Name
27SC216MLL AL/ECO sheet holder for Sesam L+M, left
27SC216MLP AL/ECO sheet holder for Sesam L+M, right

Part No. Name
27SC216S03 AL/ECO sheet holder for Sesam S



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