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10. 05. 2021
Frame safety profiles

Dear customers, we offer you a brief overview of profiles designed for dropside protection and tarpaulin tensioning.

Profiles for dropsides

Profile 2200071094 is a bumper, protects the sidewall from damage during loading and reinforces the profile of the frame.

No. Name Impact protection

Frame profile 33x37mm, Al   


Profile 6600014163 can also be used for tensioning clasp CS.

No. Name Impact protection / Curtain tensioning


Frame profile
CS 55x35mm, Al 


Profiles for CS

Profile 6600010415 is a bumper, for Tensioning clasp CS and support for the tarpaulin profile.

No. Name Impact protection / Curtain tensioning


Frame profile
CS 70x35mm, Al


Profile 2272644007 can also be used with Airline elements to secure loads for pallets up to 2480mm wide!!!

No. Name Impact protection / Curtain tensioning
Cargo restrain


Frame profile with
Airline systém, Al 




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