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New products

21. 08. 2013
Buffer with 2 rollers 195x90mm

We would like to offer you buffer with rollers for attractive price.

Buffer with 2 rollers 195x90mm

29. 04. 2013
New types of rear doors

We present new rear doors with panel. More information about the product you may find in the document attached.

29. 04. 2013
Mudguard socket for 42mm

Mudguard socket with position correction possibility.

Mudguard socket for 42mm

19. 03. 2013
New frame profile

We present you new frame profile. Frame profile could be used for box type superstructures with 30 mm walls, as edging profile for tipper 30 mm sideboard profiles also combined together with f…

New frame profile

18. 02. 2013
Aluminium bumper

As an alternative to the plastic side bumper 3ZC000110R we offer you 2200071094 Aluminium frame profile 33x37mm.

Aluminium bumper

10. 01. 2013
ARCAL box with shutters

Delivery vehicle could look differently. Box with shutters on the sides is an alternative to classic currtain slider.

14. 04. 2012

We would like to present you certified structure CSMAX-XL. It complies with European regulation EN 12642-XL. Each structure is provided with sertificate.


04. 10. 2011
Side aluminium doors

We would like to present you new aluminium side doors. Main advantge of new system is tough frame and low door weight. More information is presented in the attached document.

20. 09. 2011
Rear flap for CS MAX

This is new solution for rear flap on curtain slider using gas springs. More information you may find in the order form.

20. 06. 2011
New sideboard lock SafeGrip

We would like to offer new sideboard lock SafeGrip, aluminium profile with plastic lock - special corrosion resistant construction.

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