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23. 04. 2024
Recommendations for vehicles with a hydraulic

In order to extend the service life (mainly the hydraulic platform seal), we recommend using a suitable securing/guiding of the hydraulic platform on the rear pillars.

For example:

L profile (F1001E0161) for the entire height of the platform

  • Improves tightness
  • Protects the seal from mechanical damage during loading
  • It is necessary for a tarpaulin flap
  • Increases the strength of the rear pillar

Catalogue No. Name
F1001E0161 L 60x30x4mm anodized

Catalogue No. Name
6612013701 Profile for flap sealing

Catalogue No. Name
1001002025 Seal omega 20x25mm

Other options for securing

Individual aluminium guide plates

Small L profil with plastic stop

Steel lead plates



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